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What to expect during your pedicure

Most pedicures comprise foot exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, nail filing, cuticle neatening, and the application of a nail polish. You can add a lower leg massage to our pedicure to make the experience all the more luxurious.

What to expect during your pedicure treatment:


After removing your shoes and socks, you will be asked to soak your feet in a warm foot bath. We provide a massage chair for guests to sit in at this stage.


Your therapist will remove one of your feet from the bath, so that they can trim and file each of your toenails into an attractive and uniform shape. The other foot will be left to soak to allow your cuticles to remain soft and easy to manipulate.


When the nails on each of your feet have been filed, your therapist will apply a cuticle cream to each of your toenails and then gently push the cuticles back, to make them neater.


Your therapist will then use an exfoliant cream and a foot file to remove any dead skin cells present on the bottoms of your feet.


When buffed completely smooth, your feet will be slathered with a rich moisturiser and then treated to a pleasurable, unwinding foot massage. Your lower legs may also be massaged as part of this stage of the treatment.


Each toenail will then be polished in a colour of your choice from the many available. Your coloured varnish will be applied between a base coat and a top coat, to boost its durability and to provide extra protection for your nails. You may be instructed to place your feet under a UV lamp temporarily once painted (UV light sees nail varnish dry more rapidly) if gel polish is chosen.

A number of other skin/nail conditioning or strengthening products may also be applied during the various stages of your pedicure.

We use the award-winning Jessica nail polish for both standard and gel finishes.

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