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Today's modern man has nothing to fear visiting Beautique; we'll make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Male Grooming

We have a wide range of treatments for men’s wellbeing and grooming, from a relaxing massage to a cleansing facial. 

All our treatments are suitable for men but here are a selection which might interest you.

Back Wax

— £35.00 —

Chest Wax

— £29.00 —

Back & Chest Wax

— £58.00 —

Tummy Wax

— £21.00 —

Underarm Wax (Hot waxing)

— £18.00 —

Eyebrow tidy

Get your brows looking good, but still masculine!

— £14.00 —

Whilst your here, why not try a facial treatment targeting at male skin.

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