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The Benefits of Dermalux LED Light Therapy.

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Look Younger, Feel Younger with Non-Surgical LED Light Therapy by Beautique Sevenoaks.

We all want to look younger; we all want that perfect skin, Dermalux led light therapy is a cutting-edge nonsurgical beauty treatment, a painless way of treating skin ailments, blemishes and helping your skin to retain its youthful appearance and smooth look. And it’s not just for super models and rock stars, LED light therapy is an affordable treatment for everyone, from full time mums, working mums, brides to be, grandmothers and really anyone who wants to have a fresher, younger look and the feeling and confidence that goes with it.

The Benefits of Dermalux LED Light Therapy.
LED Light Therapy

What is Dermalux LED Light Therapy? Also known as LED phototherapy, Deramalux LED light therapy is a nonsurgical (non-invasive) treatment for skin. In fact, their treatment system has won Treatment of the Year, four years on the run and are a worldwide leading brand in the LED phototherapy sector.

The system works by bombarding the dermis also known as the derma (the true skin that contains nerve endings and blood capillaries) with light so that they absorb and aid in the skins natural repair and rejuvenation processes which have been clinically proven as a positive way of treating several conditions from anti-aging to skins conditions such as acne and eczema. Where prolonged exposure to light, such as the sun, in a controlled environment and controlled spectrum of light, the treatment has a positive impact on the skin.

LED Light Phototherapy Treatment Therapy

Dermalux LED Light Therapy can be used on various conditions and depending on what condition is being treated determines which settings and which wavelength of light is used, there are three types of LED light therapy, these include blue light therapy, red light therapy and near infrared therapy. To explain this in more detail we have categorised each one and listed their benefits below.

Blue LED Light Therapy

Blue light therapy or also known as blue light phototherapy is good for fighting blemishes, a proven light therapy treatment for acne as the treatment fights bacteria. It also aids in balancing the natural oils within the skin and promotes better skin clarity.

Red LED Light Therapy

Red light therapy or also known as red light phototherapy promotes and accelerates the process of the skins repair system, increasing elastin synthesis and collagen to encourage tighter and firmer skin, ideal for the treatment of wrinkles, crows’ feet, reducing fine lines whilst improving the overall tone and complexion giving you a younger and fresher look.

Near Infrared LED Light Therapy

Near infrared light therapy also known as near infrared light phototherapy is the deepest of the three LED phototherapy treatments and is aimed for those with damaged skin conditions such as prolonged exposure to the elements or sensitive skin conditions. Near infrared led light therapy promotes a healthier skin, aids in the reduction of redness and irritation as well as providing advanced rejuvenation benefits for the skin.

Which Dermalux LED Light Treatment is best for me?

Depending on the your skin condition, your expectations, and the treatment that is required, our fully trained staff at Beautique Sevenoaks will determine which LED light treatment is needed to give you the maximum benefits, and can advise you on the number of treatments required, we do offer a sample treatment session of which we are confident after seeing and feeling the benefits you will be back for more. Our Dermalux LED Light Treatment is the better, freestanding model, allowing you to be more comfortable and relaxed whilst undergoing your LED light skin treatment session.

Visit our Dermalux page or call us on 01732 456 151 to find out more.

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