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Length, Volume and Lift - made for your lashes

Our LVL lash lift is the revolutionary lash treatment that creates masses of length, volume and lift with your own natural lashes.

No mascara. No extensions. No maintenance.

This treatment will create the look of longer, fuller lashes that make your eyes appear more open and youthful as well as saving time in your morning routine.

The lift normally lasts 6-8 weeks, sometimes up to 10 – this depends on your skin type. As your lash cycle progresses, the lift grows out/drops gradually over a couple of months.

Who are Lash Lifts suited to?

A lash lift is best for those looking for a low-maintenance lash enhancement that brings out the best in your natural lashes. Since lifts tend to last six to eight weeks, they’re great for low-key holiday beauty. As lash lifts work exclusively with your natural lashes, a long/straight natural lash creates the most dramatic effect – however, a lash can be lifted at any length and still look great!

We cannot perform a lash lift if:

You have had a successful lash lift recently. If your lashes were lifted less than 8 weeks ago, we’d recommend waiting to book in your next lift for the sake of your lash health. A lash lift usually takes six to eight weeks to grow out, depending on the rate of growth of your natural lashes. If another treatment were to be performed, there is a risk of damaging or over-processing your lashes. If you aren’t sure how long it’s been since your last treatment, or you’d like our beauticians to assess your lashes, feel free to pop into Beautique or contact us on 01732 456 151

What to expect with a Lash Lift?

So you’ve booked in for your first lash lift – and may be curious – what are we actually going to do?

We recommend arriving eye makeup free – whilst we will cleanse the lashes, we need clean, dry lashes for the lifting serum to activate properly so be sure to remove eyeliner and mascara.

Your beautician will talk you through the options for your lift in regards to curl. We have a variety of curl rods that we can use for the lash lift procedure to give you a subtle, medium or enhanced curl. If you’re not sure, that’s totally fine – your beautician can assess your natural lashes and recommend a rod size for you.

And now the fun part! To create the Length Volume Lift effect,

your beautician will gently close your eyes and apply two collagen eye pads underneath to protect and nourish your under-eye skin. Next, they will place the rods on each eye near the lash line and carefully comb your natural lashes onto the rod.

Step 1 - LIFT

With all your lashes neatly bonded, the lifting solution will be smoothed across your lashes which allows the structure and shape of your lashes to change and be lifted at the root,


Then a setting solution is applied. It seals your lashes into their volumized shape – if your lashes are thicker, this may be the longest part of the whole appointment, about 20-30 mins or so.

Step 3 - BOOST

Once the volumizing solution has set, your beautician will apply a tint to darken and enhance the lashes. You’d be surprised at how much of your natural lash is actually blond or light-coloured – the tint really does make such a difference in making the lashes appear longer and thicker.


After the tint is wiped off, a moisturising serum is applied to nourish the lashes and ease them off the shield and your eye lids will be cleansed. Now you can check out those fabulously lifted lashes – say hello to the new you!

We now have the amazing NL LASH & BROW CONDITIONING SERUM available so you can nourish your lashes. It is packed full of nourishing goodness, used daily, this serum provides lashes and brows with all they need to appear instantly conditioned, as well as provide long-term benefits to help give a fuller appearance.

Available in salon on online. If purchased after your LVL, we can give you an amazing 50% off.


It's the ultimate conditioner for lashes and brows


Tip: Your lash lift cannot be touched or come into contact with water for 24 hours after your appointment, as the solution is still working to set your lashes long-term.

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