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Go for a Darker Spray Tan this Summer

This Spring and Summer (so far) has been filled with gorgeous sunny warm days. And since we have been at home, we have been making the most of our outside spaces. Our fans have gone kaput trying to keep up with the rising temperatures and ice lolly sales are soaring. The kids have taken up residence in paddling pools across our gardens.

So why would we suggest to go for a darker spray tan this Summer?

1. A darker glow will better hide scars and blemishes, like stretch marks from pregnancy, teenage acne and even rosacea. A richer shade of tan works brilliantly to camouflage unsightly blotches or areas of discolouration and uneven pigmentation — it’s sort of like waking up with your tinted moisturiser already on!

2. The darker your tan, the greater it will highlight your existing muscle tone, guaranteeing that you look leaner and fitter without spending an extra minute at the gym.

3. Even if you wear sunscreen every day to protect your skin from harmful UV rays (as you should!), it’s likely that your skin will naturally tan a little bit under the sunshine. That means your regular shade of spray tan might not make a noticeable difference to your skin tone. Why not go a touch darker and see how you feel about it?

A richer tan is the perfect complement to summer hair that’s naturally lightened under the sun and if you try it once one might feel bold enough to try it again in the cooler season.

This is the perfect time to experiment.

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