Vitamin C is the backbone of good health, as is vitamin D which you do not get enough of in the UK.


Swedish Nutra has combined both of these, and zinc, into a super effective liquid vitamin drink. It it absorbed by your body much more effectively than capsules or pills.


Vitamin C+D3 and Zinc are well known for their role in being super immune boosting vitamins/nutrients.

Vitamin C is essential for the reduction of tiredness & fatigue
Your body is unable to produce Vitamin C so taking a supplement is an effective way to boost your intake.

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin andis known for its mood boosting properties. It is both anti-inflammatory and crucial for activating the immune system.
Zinc is necessary for the production of white blood cells -our immune army; it is one of the critical nutrients for winter health and defense against viruses, infections and healing wounds.

Orange Flavour

Take 15-25 ml daily, preferably in the morning


33 day supply

Vitamin C + D3 Liquid

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  • Vitamin C 1000mg 1250%

    Vitamin D3 15ug/1000iu 500%

    Zinc 6mg 100%