Sérum Crème AcniLogic

Intelligent Sebum Control Serum

- Mousse Microbiotic for in-depth "treatment cleansing"

- Lotion Microbiotic to complete the cleansing process and to mattify the skin

- Gommasque to absorb impurities and renew the skin

- Correcteur Traitant to conceal localised imperfections


Target beauty

Normalises excess sebum and rebalances the skin. Tightens pores. Eliminates shine.


Active component

ACNICIDINE®: A complex of five powerful active ingredients, which act in synergy,

- normalising excess sebum and rebalancing the skin;

- tightening dilated pores;

- soothing redness and irritations;

- and finally, eliminating shine.

- Mattifying Powders

- Alcohol (dry out imperfections);

- Hydrocilin (hydrates);

- Vitamin E (fights against the formation of free radicals).
The advice of the expert

Apply daily to a cleansed complexion, before face cream. Use as a treatment for at least one month.



Serum cream

Serum Crème Acnilogic