Base Coat for Post-Acrylic or Damaged Nails.

Rebuild nails from foundation to surface with this regenerative formula containing healing echinacea to reinforce the nail and aid the recovery process.



Paint with a generous amount of product on the brush and use as many long strokes as required for full coverage of each nail. Finish by brushing across the free edge (tip) of the nail to seal it in. Follow with a Custom Colour or a second application of base coat.



Keep your nails healthy by looking after your cuticles. Apply Nourish each day and Phenomen Oil each night. Jessica’s prescriptive base coats are designed to slowly feed the nail. If not wearing colour, reapply base coat every 2-3 days to ensure they have the nourishment they need. If wearing under nail polish, add one layer, then apply nail polish.

Restoration - Treatment Basecoat