Helps weak, peeling nails grow in just 3 simple steps.

Contains specialised Jessica treatments to protect and rebuild your nails:

Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser

Fusion Base Coat

Brilliance Top Coat


1. Apply 2 generous coats of Fusion to clean, dry nails going under and over the nail. Be sure to seal the free edges.

2. Apply one coat of Brilliance, again going under and over the nail and sealing the edges. For long lasting wear, apply one coat of Brilliance the day after your manicure and every 2-3 days thereafter. 3. Massage Phenomen Oil into the cuticles and around the nails everyday.


For a longer lasting manicure, apply a coat of Brilliance the day after your manicure, and then every 2-3 days. If you aren’t wearing colour, reapply Fusion every 2-3 days, then remove it once a week. Nails will continue to peel until the problem area grows out. So trim peeling nails with sharp nail scissors every 2 weeks and file to shape with a soft emery board.


To prevent additional damage, do not file the peeling area of the nail

Peeling Nails Treatment Kit