Sienna X Express Tinted Self Tan Mist is ideal for those looking to create a natural holiday looking tan in an instant, without waiting around for it to develop.

With its 360° nozzle application is extremely easy. And you can tailor your tan according to your natural skin type – for a light glow simply apply and then wash off after 1 hour, or leave it on longer for a more bronzed look. Refrain from leaving longer than 4 hours.

Infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, your skin will not only be glowing but will be left feeling moisturised and nourished with a flawless natural glow.

1. Infused with moisturising Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

2. The original Sienna X Self Tan - rich colour. Developed by Professionals

3. Easy application and quick-drying formula. Perfect for easily topping areas such as hands, feet and face



- Vegan friendly

- Natural guide colour, helping you to see where you have applied

- Perfect for easily topping areas such as hands, feet and face


How to apply
Step 1 – Use the Sienna X Perfect Primer to prime elbows, hands, knees and Knuckles – this product can be used on its own.
Step 2 – Shake can well. Holding upright approx 15-20cm from skin and spray evenly. The guide colour shows where tan has been applied.
Step 3 – If required, rub in evenly using the Sienna X Luxury Self Tan Mitt.
Step 4 – Once product is absorbed and dry, wear loose clothing and watch your colour develop over 1-4 hours.
Step 5 – Once developed, shower until the water runs clear and pat dry.
After showering watch how your glow develops over the next 8 hours.


1 Hour Development – Light

2 Hour Development – Medium

3 Hour Development – Dark

4 Plus Development – Intense

1 Hour Self Tan Tinted Mist 200ml