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Removing your Gel Nails

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Gel nails make your fingers look great since your last salon appointment. But unfortunately they don’t last forever. It is seriously bad news for your nails to peel them off regardless of how satisfying it is. You can try removing properly at home (the process is relatively similar), but buying all the gear is less cost effective and not relaxing. It's much easier to head to the salon: you’ll be in and out in under twenty minutes, unless you’re applying a fresh set. Here is a step-by-step of what to expect.

1. The Tools

To remove your gel nails, you'll see these on your therapist's table. Here's what's used:

  • 10 small squares of tinfoil

  • acetone (like a mighty strong nail polish remover)

  • 10 cotton pads

  • a high-grit buffer

  • a nail file

2. A gentle file

Your therapist will use a file to gently buff your nails. This adds a bit of texture to the shiny surface so that the nail polish remover can do its thing. It is not to scrub the polish off.

3. Soak the cotton pads

Each cotton pad will be dipped in the acetone and wrapped around each nail. This will keep the varnish remover pressed against the polish, but won't soak your cuticles.

4. Wrapped in tin foil

Tin foil is wrapped securely around each nail to keep the cotton pads in place. I always feel a bit like Edward Scissor Hands for this stage.

5. Wait

It takes roughly 15 minutes for the acetone to soften the polish. Gel polish is tough. The tin foil helps to trap a bit of your body heat, which helps the removal process along.

6. Finishing touches

The foil is unwrapped and the gel should miraculously flake away. If there's any left, your therapist might repeat the process. Once your nails are clean and clear, they'll be rubbed with a high-grit buffer. This will get rid of any leftover base coat and leave your nails primed and ready for their next paint.

Book your in salon Gel Removal and your next nail treatment today or alternatively if you wish to remove them yourself, purchase our own home GELeration Removal Kit.

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