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Our Favourite Guinot Facials

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

We want to share our favourite Guinot in salon facials with you. We'll let you chose yours.

1. Hydraclean Facial

If you want radiant skin but are tight on time, then this is the one to go for. It takes just 30 minutes, so you could even do it on your lunch break.

The Hydraclean facial involves the skin being thoroughly cleansed and massaged. The treatment not only frees the skin of toxins, it also visibly reduces blemishes and deeply cleanses the pores so your skin is left soft, hydrated, and glowing with health.

30 minute treatment - £40.00

2. Guinot Eye Logic

The delicate skin around the eyes is always one of the first places to reveal stress and fatigue.

Guinot Eye Logic is a wonderful 40 minute treatment for the eyes that eradicates puffiness, dark circles, and all signs of tiredness leaving it looking smooth and refreshed.

We stock the Crème Eye Fresh Cream, a gem of a product that is definitely worth a purchase if you want to take care of the skin around your eyes after your in salon treatment.

40 minute treatment - £61.00

Crème Eye Fresh Cream 15ml - £49.00

3. Hydradermie Facial

The world-famous Hydradermie facial was first developed in the 1960s by Rene Guinot himself, and it now has an international reputation thanks to the amazing results if produces.

This 60 minute advanced treatment deeply cleanses and regenerates the skin and best of all, it leaves you with immediate results. The Hydradermie facial is customised to suit the client’s needs, so if you have oily skin, your therapist will work to reduce sebum levels. Similarly if you have dry skin, the facial will improve hydration. If fine lines are your target area, this facial will reduce their appearance.

As part of the treatment, the therapist will first analyse the client’s skin so as to determine the best combination of products to use. Regardless of whether your skin is normal, dry, mature, oily, hyper-pigmented, sensitive, or dehydrated, your therapist will tailor the treatment to your skin type.

After cleansing and exfoliating the skin, the therapist will apply the combination of gels and use a “mild galvanic current” to help the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. This will help remove all impurities and any nasty build-up of toxins.

The therapist will then use the Hydraderm machine, which is unique to Guinot, to oxygenate the skin. Next the face is massaged and a customised mask is applied. To finish, a hydrating moisturiser is applied to the eyes, face and neck. Sounds like bliss to us!

60 minute treatment - £58.00

4. Guinot Age Summum Facial

We all want to hide the fine lines for as long as possible but let's be honest, makeup can only do so much. We are big believers in tackling the problem at the source and one of the best ways to do this is to have a treatment that is specifically designed to combat the signs of ageing.

The Age Summum facial is one of the most renowned in the field of skincare. This 60 minute facial incorporates pure vitamin C and active pro-collagen, and it is clinically proven to decrease wrinkle depth. In fact, the immediate results it offers has led to it being impressively described as an alternative to plastic surgery!

As well as visibly reducing lines, your skin will also look and feel firmer, and your complexion will be glowing.

60 minute treatment - £77.00

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