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Health & Wellness

For over twelve years Beautique Sevenoaks has been serving our clients with the highest quality beauty treatments. We understand there is a growing desire for therapies that help people feel as good as they look.

For that reason we have introduced some therapies to help improve the health & Wellness of our clients. Over time we will be expanding the therapies we offer so please feel free to let us know if there is a particular therapy that you would like to have access too at Beautique.

Some of the therapies on offer are new and quite revolutionary so please feel free to request more information and we are happy to help.

Body Recharge Therapy

Beautique Body Recharge Therapy is the use of Pulsed  Electro Magnetic Fields, popularly known as PEMF therapy, using the worlds best PEMF system, to charge your cells giving them all the energy they need to function properly.  Our device doesn't need to touch your skin and is great to use through clothes, even through plaster casts. ​

  • improved energy

  • improved oxygen to cells

  • drug free pain relief

  • increased blood circulation

  • increased lymphatic flow

  • increased mobility of joints such as shoulders, elbows and knees

  • increase in nutrients into cells and toxins out of cells

  • faster healing from injuries / sports injuries

So what does this all mean? 


​15 Minute Session - £25​

30 Minute Session - £45

Who might try Body Recharge Therapy?

First we must say that we cannot make medical claims and we do not treat peoples health conditions.  However,  due to the proven affects of PEMF therapy such as increased blood circulation and lymph circulations, improvement of oxygen uptake in cells etc, we can say that our Body Recharge Therapy is worth trying for anyone (outside of contraindications as shown below) as a general health and wellness therapy, but the following list gives an idea who might want to take advantage of a free 10 minute session to trial the therapy and see how it feels for you.

People in pain - Back pain, Sciatica, Arthritis etc

Professional sports athletes, weekend warriors or active people that suffer injuries from time to time. 

Anyone suffering joint issues, especially pain and loss of motion in shoulder joints

People with poor blood circulation

People that can not have this treatment

  • Pregnant women

  • People that suffer seizures​

  • People with a known blood clot

  • People with a pacemaker or other implanted electrical device

What professions Use PEMF therapy?

PEMF therapy which forms the basis of our Body Recharge Therapy has been used for around 30 years. Below is a list of what it has been used for. Remember, there is a wide range of usage due to the fact that this therapy corrects the energy, circulation, oxygenation of the cells that make up the body. This means it aids the cells to work and function properly. 

Champion race horses

Very popular with the horse racing fraternity for reducing pain, inflammation, fatigue and to heal injuries in less than half the time it would take without PEMF


As a last result for 'non-union' bone fractures. Which means when a bone won't heal after a year or so and nothing else will help, PEMF therapy can encourage that bone to heal. 

Sports teams

More known in the US, one of the machines we use is popular with the American Football teams and 

Basketball teams.

Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

In the US Chiropractors are the largest purchases of one of the devices we use. They tell us the machine is great for improving range of motion in joints (shoulders have amazing results) in just one session, and when used all over the body, Chiropractic adjustments hold much longer

Massage therapist

In the US, Massage therapist use PEMF before a massage to reduce pain, help the client relax and get the blood and lymphatic circulation flowing well before the massage. even begins.

Mineral & Heavy Metal Testing

Mineral & Heavy Metal Test

PLEASE NOTE: you will need to know your blood type before doing this test. Please get this information before booking an appointment. 

We now offer the fast convenient and accurate way to test real tissue levels of minerals and toxic heavy metals using the amazing Oligo Scan technology.

The Oligo scanner uses the latest in mass spectrometer technology to allow the therapist to simply place the hand held device in several positions on the clients left hand, where it takes readings instantly. 

The machine feeds this information back to a super computer over the internet and minutes later a detailed report is emailed back. This report shows the level of essential minerals  that might be lacking in your body and what toxic heavy metals such as mercury you may have.

Why Are Mineral Levels Important?

Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, copper and many others dictate our health. This is because minerals are used in many millions of biochemical actions in your body every second. 

There are between 16 and 60 known essential minerals. If we lack the big 16 we get deficiencey symptoms and eventually, death. That is the classification of Essential. 

Why Test?

This test is relatively cheap and so convenient that everyone should be made to have it done by the NHS or private health care insurers. Once we understand the importance of these minerals and all the possible health conditions that can arise from not getting enough of them, we could save the NHS millions of pounds each year and millions of people suffering with health issues. 

Just look at Calcium as an example, Calcium deficiency alone is said to be indicated in over 170 diseases. Outside of bone issues, when have you ever heard that some one needs more calcium? How many people are suffering with a health condition, taking medication, when all they need is some additional minerals? Learn your levels of minerals!

Toxic Heavy Metal

Minerals and metals are spoken about  interchangeable in many ways. We talk about zinc and copper as nutritional minerals and they are also fabricated in industry as metals. Our bodies need minerals that come from plants feed minerals transformed by bacteria in soil, then we consume these bio available 'plant derived minerals, When we talk about toxic heavy metals we are talking about a relatively dense metal that is noted by the world health organisation for its potential toxicity to humans. Four major players are Mercury, Cadmium, Lead and Arsenic. 

Why Test For Toxic Metals?

Having high levels of Toxic Metals in your tissues shows prolonged exposure over time. This could be due to material or environment you work with or live in. These metals are referred to as toxic for obvious reasons and can cause disease so knowing you have high levels now can help you make a plan to remove the offending exposure . The report that you are given is very clean and detailed on what you can do to put this right. Acting now can save a lot of issues down the road. It might also help explain some issues you are already noticing.


Please be aware that this is a test that simply shows your mineral and heavy metal levels. This test is not designed to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Always speak with your GP for medical queries.

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